Are you interested in making a contribution to keep our festival moving forward?


Economic contribution

Consider making a tax-deductible donation as a natural or legal person.

Bank account details:
social housing Bank
Savings account No 24108093368
Platea Foundation

Classes / Lectures / Concerts

We would be very happy to be able to count on your time to learn from your experiences, knowledge and tips, in this way we can get closer to you and connect despite the distance.


We accept instruments in good condition or to repair. We will make sure that your contribution is in good hands.


Donate here any type of accessory such as strings, rosins, metronomes, music stands, cases or something you want to share with the festival participants.

Arrangements or Compositions

Are you interested in having your arrangements or compositions performed at our festival by our ensembles or by the Violas 2021 orchestra? Go ahead and contact us.

Instrument repair

If you are a luthier and you are interested in collaborating with us during the festival week, please do not hesitate to do so and contact us.


The week of the festival we will need logistical support, if you are interested in collaborating with us, write to us.


In 2022, the Interviolas Bogotá Festival obtained the endorsement of the Colombia Crea Talento Corporation —CoCrea—* to be part of its portfolio of cultural projects. By virtue of the provisions of Article 180 of Law 1955 of 2019, contributors to the series «will have the right to deduct from their income for the taxable period in which the investment or donation is made and regardless of their income-producing activity, one hundred sixty-five percent (165%) of the real value invested or donated.”

We want you to be part of the Festival, so we invite you to identify the most convenient contribution category for your company:

* How are the contributions made and how is the tax exemption obtained?

Contributions are made to an autonomous patrimony constituted in Fiducóldex, an entity that certifies the contribution before CoCrea. CoCrea, in turn, reports the contribution to the Ministry of Culture, which issues the tax exemption certificate directly to the contributor.

* How is the tax benefit calculated?

Contributions received in 2023 will be beneficiaries of a 165% exemption in the 2023 income statement that is presented in 2024.

If in 2023 a contribution of $1,000,000 is made and $5,000,000 must be paid in the declaration, the amount to be declared is reduced by $1,650,000 (that is, one million x 165%), for which the contributor must only pay $3,350,000 in taxes.

Note: CoCrea’s function is to certify the cultural relevance of the projects so that they can be financed through donations that will receive a 165% tax exemption.