Everyone is welcome to the FIB, a biannual festival that brings together violists from Colombia and Latin America, through various activities guided by our guest artists. For a week, violists of all ages will be able to interact and participate in activities with expert viola teachers and performers in different fields. Join us and be happier learning!


We are working for our VII version of the festival that will take place in September 2023. We are waiting for you!



FIB’s priority is the safety and health of our students, family members, and teachers. In addition to the measures of proper use of masks, hand washing, and physical distancing, the protocol determines that all spaces must be spacious and subject to strict and permanent disinfection and ventilation services with a limited capacity.

Adopting health care measures, reporting any alterations in your state of health, and complying with the biosecurity protocol will help us minimize the factors that may generate the transmission of the covid-19 virus and allow us to carry out all the festival’s activities.