The Interviolas Festival is a space created in 2010 with the aim of strengthening the violist community in the country. The history of the festival has built memory and has expanded the interest of national violists and their international guests, who throughout these years have maintained a legitimate interest in the musical quality of the violists participating in the festival. Likewise, the exchange of knowledge, repertoire, technique, postures and collective practices generates a fruitful motivation among violists who manage to fulfill the purposes of this harmonious meeting.

Thanks to the conviction of the academic and private institutions that support music and that consider the creation of these spaces vital for the construction of a diverse musical field, it is possible to give continuity and quality to this festival that highlights the musicality of this conciliatory instrument. The festival has had the support of the National University of Colombia since its inception and over the years the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and the Universidad de los Andes have joined.
In turn, private institutions such as the Bolívar Davivienda Foundation, the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater, the Luis Ángel Arango Library and allies such as the Bogotá Sacred Music Festival, who have been key to the validity of the festival. By 2023 we have new collaborators such as the Central University and the Sergio Arboleda University.

This year the Festival extends an invitation to all the inhabitants and visitors of the city, so that they let themselves be enveloped by the charming and conciliatory sound of the viola, through a vibrant Latin American repertoire with the outstanding viola orchestra, unique in Latin America, the children’s and youth program “Growing up with the Viola”, the special guests who will highlight activities with master classes, conferences, workshops, collective practices in ensembles, and seven exciting concerts in four emblematic music venues in the city.

As a novelty and a great opportunity, the 1st Interviolas Bogotá Competition opens, an event that generates a significant impact on the violist community, not only because it is considered an indicator of musical quality, but also for staging and promoting national talent and Latin American.

Sandra Arango
General Director



VI Version (2021)
* Marc Sabbah (Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium) (United States)
* Jeniffer Stum (City of Vienna University of Music and Arts) (United States)
* Hsin-Yung Huang (Juilliard School and Curtis Institute of Music) (Taiwan)
* Misha Amory (Yale College) (United States)
* Julia Dinerstein (Maastricht Conservatory) (Netherlands)
* Danka Nikolic (Camerata Salzburg) (Serbia)
* CJ Chang (Peabody Conservatory) (Korea)
* Krysztof Chorzelski (Belcea Quartet) (Poland)
* Sara Ferrández (Kronberg Academy) (Spain)
* Zemtsov Quartet (Netherlands)
* Alfonso Noriega (Spain)
* Molly Gebrian (University of Arizona) (United States)
* Michelle LaCourse (Boston University School of Music) (United States)
* Molly Sharp (Virginia Commonwealth University) (United States)
* Marvicpermar Urbina (University of Zulia) (Venezuela)
* Braunwin Sheldrick and Andrés Gómez (Eafit University) (Colombia and United States)
* Jose Luis Camisón (University of Antioquia) (Colombia)
* Renato Bandel (Campos do Jordão) (Brazil)
* David Espinosa (National Autonomous University of Mexico) (Mexico)
* Carlos Boltes (Alturas Duo and ADAA Trio) (Chile)
* Javiera Campos (PUCV Chamber Orchestra) (Chile)
* Tomás Martín López (Musician and Osteopathic Physician) (Spain)
* Aníbal Dos Santos (National University of Colombia) (Portugal-Venezuela)
* Daniel Ruggiero (Bandoneon) (Argentina)
* Miguel Ángel Casas (Pedagogical University) (Colombia)
* Diana Bedoya (Archetti String Quartet) (Colombia)
* Julián Enciso (Student of Haute école de musique Genève – Neuchâtel) Colombia)
* Raúl García(Colombian Symphony Orchestra) (Colombia)
* Carlos Parra (Bogotá Chamber Orchestra) (Colombia)
* Nicolás Mendoza (Student of the University of Music and Arts of the city of Vienna) (Colombia)
* Andrea Torres (Tolima Conservatory) (Colombia)
* Mauricio Arias-Esguerra (Universidad de los Andes) (Piano) (Colombia)

V Version (2019)
* Scott Lee (University of Missouri-Kansas) (United States)
* Matthias Buchholz (Hochschule Für Musik und Tanz Köln) (Germany)
* Mikhail Zemtsov (Royal Conservatoire in the Hague) (Holland)
* Isabel Villanueva (High Performance Music School Valencia) (Spain)
* Raúl García (First viola Symphony Orchestra of Colombia) (Colombia)
* Sharon Avella (Colombia)
* Aníbal Dos Santos (First Viola Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá) (Venezuela)

V Version (2017)
* Stephen Wyrczynski (Indiana University Bloomington) (United States)
* Raúl García (First viola Symphony Orchestra of Colombia) (Colombia)
* Esteban Hernandez (Colombia)
* Andrea Carolina del Pilar Sánchez (Sergio Arboleda University) (Colombia)
* Aníbal Dos Santos (First Viola Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá) (Venezuela)

III Version (2015)
* Julia Bullard (University of Northern Iowa) (United States)
* Richard Young (Vermeer string quartet) (United States)
* Amy Muchnich (Missouri university) (United States)
* Braunwin Sheldrich (Eafit University) (Canada)
* Aníbal Dos Santos (First Viola Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá) (Venezuela)

II Version (2013)
* Paul Cortese (High School Conservatory in Barcelona) (United States)
* Aníbal Dos Santos (First Viola Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá) (Venezuela)

I Version (2010)
* Sandra Arango (National University of Colombia) (Colombia)
* Aníbal Dos Santos (First Viola Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá) (Venezuela)
* Sergio Trujillo (Central University) (Colombia)

Other guests thanks to other partner institutions:
* Hsin-Yung (Juilliard School and Curtis Institute of Music) (Taiwan)
* Maxim Novikov (Solo viola) (Moscow)
* Ruth Killius (Zehetmair Quartet) (Germany)
* Anthony Devroye (School of Music at Northern Illinois University) (United States)
* Julia Dinerstein (Conservatorium Maastrich) (Holland)
* Dana Zemtsov (Zemtsov Viola Quartet) (Holland)
* Javier Montiel (Latin American Quartet) (Mexico)
* Felisa Hernández Salmeron (National Autonomous University of Mexico) (Mexico)

Guest directors:
* Rubian Zuluaga (2023)
* Miguel Casas (2019)
* Ricardo Hernandez (2010 to 2019)
* Mikhail Zemtsov (2019)
* Nelson Jimenez (2019)
* Leonardo Valencia (2017)
* Julian Linares (2010)
guest concertmasters
* Julian Enciso (2021)
* Sharon Avella (2015, 2019)
* Andrea Carolina del Pilar Sánchez (2017)
* Sandra Arango (2013)
* David Merchan (2010)
Allied Workshops
* Julian Linares
* David Merchan
* Sharon Avella
* Andrea Carolina del Pilar Sanchez
* Stephen Hernandez
* Light Andreina Chain
* Johanna Pino
* Adriana Quintero
* Andrea Torres

* Mauricio Arias ((2019-2021))
* Raúl Mesa (2010-2017)

* Diana Melo, Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra Percussion
* Santiago Suaréz, Percussion Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá
* Cristian Calderón, Double Bassist Bogota Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

* Lutheria, Salvi Foundation
* Lutheria, Olitarte
* Mass Music
*Maykel Barroso

​Technical Team:
* Ariadna Marcela silva, graphic design and photography (2010 to 2021)
* Jefferson Rosas, Sound Engineer (2019-2021)
* 19361 PRODUCTIONS (2010)
* Kike Barona (2019-2021)
* The Dome Productions (2021)
* Nicolás Medina, Photography (2021)

* José Ignacio Camacho, composer and arranger
* Ricardo Hernández, composer and arranger
* Sandra Arango, arranger
* Natalia Suárez, copyist


* National University of Colombia (2015- 2021, 2023)
* Pontifical Javeriana University (2010, 2019)
* Bolívar Davivienda Foundation: Colombian Youth Philharmonic (2019, 202, 2023)
* Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater Mayor (2021, 2023)

* Central University
* Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (2010-2023)
* International Sacred Music Festival of Bogotá (2021)
* Uniandes (202-2023)
* Music Connections (2021)
* Sergio Arboleda University (2023)
* Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra (2021, 2023)
* Management in movement, Music and Artistic Laboratories (2023)

Allied Violists 2023
* Aníbal Dos Santos, viola soloist Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra
* Julián Linares, professor Universidad de los Andes
* Raúl García, Pontifical Javeriana University
* David Merchán, solo violas Philharmonic Orchestra of Medellín
* Andrea Carolina Sánchez, professor Sergio Arboleda University


* Julio Mario Mayor Theater Santo Domingo (202-2023)
* National University of Colombia (2013-2023)
* León de Greiff Auditorium (2019)
* Fabio Lozano Auditorium (2013-2023)
* Philharmonic Workshop Theater (2019, 2021, 2023)
* Pontifical Javeriana University (2010)
* Otto de Greiff concert hall (2010, 2021)
* Bogota Theater (2023)
* Central University (2023)
* Sergio Arboleda Theater (2023)
* Mario Laserna Auditorium (2023)


Sandra Arango
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María Camila Palacios
Cultural Management
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Andrea Carolina del Pilar Sánchez
Contest Coordination
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Laura López
Academy Coordination
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Erika Vega
Children and Youth Program Coordination
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Luz Andreina Cadena
Viola Orchestra Coordination
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Venjy Castillo
Assemblies Coordination
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Concert coordination
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